Schellevis Slabs

The Schellevis slab (without bevel) has a natural appearance. It has a basalt texture, which means there is an open structure on the face. The Schellevis slab is available in various sizes and can be used for all kind of applications and weight loads such as: terraces, driveways or public spaces. The Schellevis slab is also suitable as roof tile.

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L x B x H in CM Anthracite Grey Carbon Redbrown Taupe Creme KG
20x20x5 4
20x20x7 6
40x40x5 17
40x40x7 25
50x50x5 27
60x40x5 39
60x40x7 26
60x60x5 37
60x60x7 39
80x40x5 55
80x80x5 36
80x80x10 71
100x100x5 143
100x100x8 109
100x100x10 178
100x100x12 223
120x60x7 267
120x120x7 112
120x120x12 384
150x120x10 400
200x100x10 470
240x120x12 770
Beschikbare kleuren:

Antraciet, Grijs, Carbon, Blauw

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